Grand Yachts, lifestyle yacht rental in Dubai

We have luxury charter yachts docked in all the best Marinas in Dubai. Our customers are treated to the most amazing moments and the most magnificent views of the Dubai Marina Skyline. Enjoy the highlights of Dubai like the Burj Al Arab, World Islands, Dubai Canal, or Atlantis the Palm.

Besides just enjoying the views, you can enjoy diving in the water and watching the sunset from the deck.

On the Dubai Marinas, there are beautiful water ways, exquisite sky scrapers, luxury homes, beautiful people from all over the world, the best music, and exclusive yachts available for rental use.

Choose from an array of amazing locations, all bound to deliver unforgettable luxury experiences. We also provide limousines to pick you up from where you are.

The Burj Al Aran is one of the best luxury hotels in the world and a popular landmark which is built on an artificial island close to Jumeira. The World Islands Dubai is a collection of 300 private islands dubbed ‘The World.’ It is one of the newest developments in Dubai. The breathtaking Dubai Water Canal is one of the best settings for a cruise in Dubai. The newly constructed water way effectively turns a section of the land into a new island. Atlantis, The Palm is a luxury hotel which is the mostIinstagrammed spot in the Gulf region because of its stunning view.

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